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YakAttack GT Cleat

Track Mounted Line Cleat

As the industry leader in track systems and track-mounted accessories, we knew we needed a track-mounted cleat, and the GT Cleat™ is our simple and highly effective answer.

It attaches to all YakAttack® GearTrac™, MightyMount XL tracks, and most other kayak track systems. The GT Cleat makes for a perfect companion to our highly popular LeverLoc™ Anchor Trolley and is a low profile, easy to attach and adjust anchor line cleat.

The underside of the cleat features two tabs and a rubber washer helping keep the cleat from rotating and sliding in the track from anchor line tension.


Attaches to all YakAttack GearTrac, MightyMount XL, and most other kayak track

Made in the USA

Made from premium materials designed for use in harsh marine environments

Compatible with up to 3/8" line


SKU AMS-1012

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