Strictly Sail & Kayak loves introducing people to the world of sailing and now the growing sport of kayak fishing. We offer introductory courses for those interested in seeing what it's like to sail in the Midwest, and for those who want to experience fishing from a kayak. These programs make it easy to get started and experience what it's like firsthand to be on the water.

Sailing Lessons

Sailing Lessons are a great way to get on-the-water and experience sailing first hand. Our program includes an in-class session portion and live experience on a sailboat with our experienced sailing instructor.  Your first time at the tiller is an experience you will never forget. The lessons are perfect for individuals, couples, families, and small groups looking to get started sailing.


First Cast Kayak Fishing Experience

The first cast experience is for individuals interested in the growing sport of kayak fishing. Our team takes small groups out in the Cincinnati Area to go over the kayak, safety, and fishing techniques for the species of fish we will be targeting. Guided by our local Hobie fishing team member, this is a great experience for all!