New Loos Tension Gauge Pro model part # pt-3 tune your sailboat rigging

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This is a new in the box pt-3 pro tension gauge. for cable sizes 1/4″, 9/32″ 5/16″ and 3/8″.
This pro gauge stays on the wire as you adjust tension and you can read directly on the guage where you are . Very easy to use.
These gauges are designed for setting the proper tension in the standing rigging of sailboats and also for other applications such as supporting cables for radio towers, large tents and other structures. The gauges are relatively inexpensive and are designed to be suitable for rugged marine service. The “Professional Models” provide an increasing durability, accuracy and convenience of use when compared to our popular standard models. The gauge may be hooked on the wire and will remain in position while the tension is adjusted. Manufactured of rugged anodized aluminum, this gauge is corrosive resistant and will give years of service. Detailed operating instructions are included with each tension gauge.
Professional Models – Higher accuracy and easier to use than standard models. The cable can be adjusted while the gauge remains on the cable. “Just watch the pointer move.” All readings are based on 302/304 1×19 S.S breaking strengths.

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