Hobie Mirage Drive Drum and Chain Update Kit V1 to GT # 81171002

Sale price$310


Hobie part # 81171002

Hobie had noted in their current catalog that V1 parts are discontinued and limited to stock on hand. Hobie is now out of V1 chains. A V1 drive owner (who needs chains) now needs upgrade to GT and also replace drums, idler cable and pulley.  These new gt drums and idler pulley have bearings for a more efficient operation.

To assist consumers with the conversion to the GT parts, Hobie has created a conversion kit and offer it at a significant discount. This kit is just a bit higher in cost than two V1 chains alone.  The GT parts are far superior and the price is comparable to two V1 chains.

This kit includes:

Quantity two GT Drums Grey with bearings

Quantity two Chain Assy Miragedrive GT/V2

Quantity one GT Idler Pulley wit hbearings

Quantity one Idler Cable , Miragedive GT/V2


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