Hobie Cat 16' Line Kit for boat with comptip mast

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Hobie Cat 16' Line Kit for boat with with comp tip mast.  To tell if you need the comptip version of the line kit look at your mast and if the top 8' or so is fiberglass not aluminum then you need this kit.  If your mast is all aluminum then you need our other kit for non comptip mast that we also list.  Replace all your lines on a Hobie 16 with this kit:

Mainsheet 44' x 3/8" Dacron

Jib Sheet 32' x 5/16" Dacron

Main Halyard 1/4" with attached wire pigtail  Dacron

Jib Halyard 21' x 3/16"

Outhaul & downhaul 14' x 3/16"

Trampoline Lacing Line 52' x 1/4"

Trapeze Adjustment Line 8' x 1/4"

Batten tie-in Line 15' x 5/64"

Trapeze Shock Cord 7' long with 2 Loops

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